Podcasts are a modern form of storytelling with the power to educate, inspire and connect us. In honor of Women’s History Month we bring you five unique shows created by and for women. Each of these podcasts for women has a different focus, but they all share a common goal of telling the stories of women who are working hard to improve their lives while also making a positive impact on the world. 


Zigzag promotes itself as a “business show about being human.”  With topics as provocative as Can Big Tech Be Healed?, When Women Don’t Support Each Other At Work and Rethinking What Success Looks Like,this podcast does not back down from controversy. The show’s tone is smart, curious and optimistic, often profiling women who are finding creative ways to succeed professionally without compromising their personal values. Currently host Manoush Zomorodi brings warmth and intellectual fire to the show as she and her guests bravely explore the intersection of technology and ethics. 

Another Mother Runner

Another Mother Runner (AMR) is one of the best podcasts for women runners of all abilities and walks of life. Hosted by mother runners Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, this show features friendly running themed banter, guest experts on topics from mental toughness to injury prevention and Q&A’s to answer questions from AMR’s active and always growing community of female runners. Another Mother Runner delivers inspiration, motivation and know how to keep women runners overcoming obstacles and moving forward. As one listener and Mother Runner said, “No how busy I am, they always inspire me to get in my run!” 

Life I Swear

This recently-launched show features deeply personal stories and reflections from Black women. “I hope this podcast is a safe space for women to explore the nuances of our diverse experiences from a place of raw honesty, inclusion, and unapologetic self-love,” says host Chloe Dulce Louvouezo, a Congolese-American writer who grew up in Niamey, Niger. Topics range from ways to organically process grief to turning fear into a strength, all from the unique perspectives of women of color. The show’s tone is encouraging, inclusive and growth focused. Louvouezo is able to put her guests at ease and ask thoughtful, provocative questions that always lead to insightful conversations. 

Where Should We Begin?

The focus of this podcast is intimate relationships. Listeners get to follow along as renowned therapist Esther Perel counsels real couples through challenges such as loss, sexlessness, infidelity and fear of commitment. Where Should We Begin features a diversity of partnerships, helping to highlight what all people have in common. Perel’s calming voice and gentle wisdom give the show’s guests the support and insights they need to break through barriers and find new levels of growth and connection. This show inspires while providing tools listeners can use to improve their own relationships. A great opportunity for anyone who has ever wondered if couple’s counseling is worth the expense and effort. 

She Makes Money Moves

This podcast encourages women to talk openly about what is often a very taboo subject: money. Hosted by Glamour editor-in-chief Samantha Barry, She Makes Money gives women from all walks of life the opportunity to share their stories and struggles with personal finance, while also offering advice from financial experts to help guide these women and their listeners forward. From how much to tip, dealing with overwhelming student loan debt, asking for money at work, to how to navigate friendships with very different income levels, this is one of the most practical podcasts for women. The show takes on neglected topics from a female point of view eliminates shame and embarrassment, empowering women to proactively manage their financial lives.

What are your favorite podcasts for women?