Congratulations on Completing Your Exam!

_x_  Step One: Initiate Your Life Insurance Application with your Agent

_xStep Two: Schedule and Complete Your Medical Exam

_xStep Three: Return your Signed Application.   The signature is required for the insurance carrier to review your application and make you an offer. Signing is not a final commitment on your part. 

What Happens Next?

___ Step Four: Application Review & Underwriting

Once your exam is complete, the application and exam results will be sent to the insurance carrier for review and underwriting. The insurance carrier may ask for additional information.  Your Health IQ Case Manager will facilitate communication between you and the insurance company and will be able to answer any questions you have.

___ Step Five: Approval

After reviewing your application, the insurance company will make a final approval decision. Once approved, the insurance company will provide all of the details necessary to finalize your policy.
___ Step Six: Policy Delivery
Once approved, your policy will be sent to you to review and finalize. A Health IQ finalization expert will reach out to answer your questions about the policy and walk you through the paperwork. After completing and returning the paperwork, you will be notified when your policy is active.


Q: I’m just trying to get a quote!
A: No worries! There is no commitment until the end of the process. Unfortunately we cannot get you rates unless you complete your application. 
Q: I need to make a correction on my application
A: Please email requested corrections to or call the client success team! We will get your application modified and sent to you post haste.
Q: Do you really need my Social Security Number? Mortgage? Benefit details?
A: Yes. The answers you provide are securely transferred to the insurance carrier so they can make a fully informed decision regarding your application and can place your policy efficiently if you chose to move forward.
Q: If I fill out the EFT form, will I be charged now?  Does this commit me to taking the policy?
A: No, you will not be charged or locked into a policy until you are approved and you agree to the quoted rate.  At this time, you may also change your frequency of payment at anytime.
Q: I don’t know my policy number
A: This will be filled in by our policy finalization team once assigned.