With winter festivities in full swing, it might seem impossible to avoid high-calorie treats and busy travel schedules that often lead to holiday weight gain. However with a few tricks, you can increase your chances of eating healthy and moving your body this holiday season. That’s why This Week’s blog post explores secrets to healthy eating, hidden gems in the gym, and hacks to manage your appetite. Tis the season to get festive—and fit!

Can a bowl of fruit whittle your waistline?

While a bowl of fruit is sometimes thought of as a decorative still life painting, fruit bowls might also help stave off the temptation for holiday dessert. That’s because when food is conveniently placed and attractively arranged, people are more likely to eat it. So keeping a banana in a colorful bowl next to your car keys (and the chocolate chip cookies hidden away) will make it easier for you to opt for low-cal, high-fiber fruit. In the case of holiday buffets, going for the fruit first makes it more likely you won’t fill your plate with high-fat and high-sugar dishes—the main culprits in holiday weight gain. For more secrets to healthy eating, take our daily quiz.

Looking to squeeze in a workout while traveling?

A major cause of holiday weight gain is a break in lifestyle routines such as working out. But squeezing in a workout while traveling might not be as hard as it seems—as long as you pack a few items inspired by hidden gems in the gym. First of all, those long stretchy bands—aka resistance bands—provide a killer strength training session while taking up very little room in a suitcase. Additionally, the humble jump rope—often overlooked by treadmill aficionados—provides an intense cardio workout in only 10 minutes. And if you do make it to a gym while out of town, don’t get lost in unfamiliarity. Seek out some kettlebells for a strength workout that also helps you build stability. For more exercise equipment tricks to keep you fit, take our quiz of the day.

Looking for a hack to tame your hunger?

While holiday meals can be delicious, you might notice an urge to eat more if you start the meal with a traditional dinner roll. That’s because plain, unbuttered bread eaten alone on an empty stomach can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels—increasing appetite. If you are looking to manage your portions this holiday season, opt for a protein-rich appetizer before your meal—and save the bread for the very end as a savory alternative to dessert. What’s even better is to eat protein and fiber-rich foods for breakfast, like oatmeal and cottage cheese, which will keep you feeling full throughout the day—so you’ll be less likely to gobble down high glycemic foods once holiday dinner is served. For more appetite controlling hacks, take our daily quiz.


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