Brad Farrell before weight lossBrad Farrell enjoyed the skinny life as a kid, never having to worry about what he consumed or how much. Unfortunately, this came to a sharp halt when, in his mid-20s, his weight skyrocketed to nearly 230 pounds. His junk-filled diet became his enemy, rapidly spurring an onset of health problems. “I was grossly overweight”, Brad tells Health IQ, “My blood pressure was through the roof, my cholesterol was sky high – I had become a ticking time bomb of poor health”. In his early-30s, Brad got married and found out he was going to be a father. Suddenly, his entire world changed and he became very concerned about his health.brad after weight loss

Wanting to reverse the damage he had done to his body for the sake of his child, Brad knew he needed to change. This led him to begin training for triathlons. Unfortunately, the road to racing was grueling. The training was intense and Brad experienced hunger pangs for junk food almost every day. This made it difficult to adjust his diet, which was crucial for weight loss and improvement in overall health. Despite the constant yearning for sugar and processed carbs, Brad was determined not to relent. 

In the course of his training, Brad lost over 75 lbs. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels also significantly improved. He has run road races of all distances including marathons, ultramarathons, triathlons, half ironmans and one Ironman. “I’m not anybody special,” Brad says, “I found the need and will to change myself – I continue that battle every single day!” He thanks his wife and now two children for motivating him to pursue a healthier lifestyle for good. Brad adds, “It’s all about wanting to change and rising to the challenge. If I can do it, anybody can!” Brad’s story is truly inspiring and we are proud of his achievements.


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