For a long time, Jenny Shoults was, as she puts it, a ‘couch potato who loved indulging in processed foods.’ However, when Orange County Indiana started a group called Ways of Wellness, she knew the time had come to make a change. Finding strength in companionship Jenny joined the group with her friend Carol. The group explored different workouts including zumba, kickboxing, and swimming. Participating in the group gave her a newfound perspective on fitness. “It taught me that exercise doesn’t have to be boring” Jenny tells Health IQ, “and it doesn’t have to be contained in an exercise room.”

Unfortunately, the group eventually disbanded and Jenny was left to find other activities to fill her time.  Inspired, Jenny began to explore other fitness activities that sparked her interest. She fell in love with kayaking, hiking, swimming, and biking. “What I found” Jenny explains, “is that  if you are doing something you love, exercise is really a side benefit. It’s also good for your soul.”

Long gone are the days of being a couch potato and gobbling up chips, now Jenny has made awesome achievements in her fitness journey. She’s walked several 5k’s, two mini marathons and is training for  another mini marathon next spring. She and Carol have also done a 35K bike ride.   jenny running a 5K

Jenny wants to encourage others to find activities that they love. She says that jazzing things up and changing your routine is key to keeping things interesting. To keep things interesting, she exercises by moonlight! She walks with a group called “Freeze and Flashlight” in addition to kayaking under the moon. Jenny reminds others that, “Whatever you do, do things you love and have fun. It will benefit you in more ways than one.” Thank you Jenny for being an inspiration to all of us.

Congrats Jenny for finding the will power and motivation to change your life. And thank you…as you are an inspiration to us all. 


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