Meet Health IQ Hero Tyler Burkey, a husband, father of 6 children and an active runner and Spartan racer. He recently became insured by Health IQ. 

Q. How long have you been running?

A. I started running in earnest 9 years ago as a way to spend my lunch hour instead of just eating and being sedentary.  I work in IT, so being at the desk engenders that type of lifestyle.  I typically don’t race in marathons or events, but have done Spartan races and Insane Inflatable 5ks in the past.

Q. What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of?

A. I rock climbed without ropes and harnesses in Sedona. I also completed a competitive 5k (Insane Inflatable) 9th across the finish line in 19 minutes!

Q. Tell us about your family

A. I’ve been married for 14 years with 6 children. My kids are active in Ice Skating and Gymnastics, and going to start in Karate this summer. When I’m not running, I help my wife stay sane running after our 6 kids. 😉

Q. What made you decide to look for life insurance through Health IQ?

A. I have 6 kids and a wife who graciously takes care of them daily;  I have life insurance elsewhere, but not enough to cover the family in the event of an issue.

Q. How did you first learn about Health IQ?

A. I saw an online ad for Health IQ and took the Health IQ Quiz

Q. How was your experience getting life insurance from Health IQ?

A. Overall the process with Health IQ for getting insurance was pleasant and easy! I recommend Health IQ to friends who lead an active lifestyle and need to protect their families. The level of service and care are worth reaching out to get a quote and explore options for the special rate life insurance.