Everyone knows that exercise can keep your body fit, but did you know that working out can help keep your wallet in shape, too? Being active can help you live longer and save you money on medical costs too. A recent study following cardiac patients found that those who exercised regularly saved an average of $2,500 a year on medical care, compared to those who didn’t workout or were inconsistent. In this example, moderate to vigorous activity at least 5 days a week showed the most benefits. So, strap on those sneakers to boost the health of your bank account and you!

What Feat of Endurance Caused Olympian Ryan Hall to Sign Up for Life Insurance?

On retirement, elite marathoner Ryan Hall made the transition from top professional competitor to family man. With the change in lifestyle, and the adoption of four daughters, his world changed along with his priorities. Read Ryan’s intimate take on how he’s protecting his family’s future.
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6 Types of Exercises That Can Lower Life Insurance Rates

It makes sense that people who engage in health conscious behaviours pay less for life insurance. Our research has shown that these exercises can put you on the path to longevity.
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