Congratulations on starting your life insurance application! The next step is taking your free medical exam, and we are here to make sure that you ace it. To help you do your best, we’ve put together a few health tweaks you can do before your exam, which can save you big on monthly premiums.

Should I go about my normal fitness routine before the exam?

Nope. It’s best to avoid all strenuous exercise up to 48 hours before your exam, as this can elevate your protein levels—resulting in false positives for certain health conditions.

Any foods I should avoid before the exam?

You betcha! Salt and alcohol can negatively impact blood pressure and weight—so it’s best to avoid them up to 24 hours before your exam. Caffeine and sweetened beverages can also affect resting heart rate and blood sugar levels—so avoid these 8-12 hours before the exam. In fact, unless you are diabetic, it’s best to avoid all foods and drinks (except water) 8-12 hours before your exam as many tests require you to fast for accurate results.

But what about medications? Should I take those?

Absolutely. Continue to take all medications as prescribed by your doctor and bring your medication with you to the exam.

Anything special I should wear?

Keep clothing as light and minimal as possible, as heavy clothing can add extra weight on the scale.

Any tips for during the exam?

If you’ve followed the guidelines above, you should be good to go as far as test results are concerned.

What else can I do to expedite my application?

Your examiner will bring an application to your exam. You can speed up your approval by filling out the application and making sure you return it to them before they leave. Simply complete all of the sections designated by an X and double-check that all information is correct.

Remember, you are not committing to anything at this stage and will have the ability to change anything once you are approved.

What about after the exam?

After the exam, your examiner should provide us with your application within 24-48 business hours for review. We will contact you if any information is still required to expedite the approval process with your carrier. We will also notify you once the carrier begins reviewing your application.