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Thank you for taking our quiz “What’s Your Vegan IQ?” quiz. By taking this quiz and sharing your #VeganIQ score, you will help us A) spread greater awareness around the benefits of going vegan, and B) help vegan specific nonprofits get more donations.  And if you are a vegan blogger, you can copy the code below to share on your blog!  

Vegan IQ Quiz Details

This quiz is meant to test one’s insider knowledge of veganism and covers 4 topics: Nutritional Concerns, Popular Supplements, Ethics & Environment, and Athletic Performance Concerns. There are a total of 30 questions that range in difficulty, and the order and type of question you encounter will depend on when you take the test and your current score.  We also rotate new questions in and out of the quiz to make the quiz less “cheatable.”

At the end of the quiz, users will receive a #VeganIQ score that they can share directly to Facebook.  Their #VeganIQ score is on a 200 point scale, 198 being the highest score possible.  And note that although we rotate questions in and out of the quiz, each quiz is calibrated for difficulty, which is why we keep the total available points the same across quiz versions.

About Health IQ

Health IQ is an insurance startup that advocates for the health conscious, helping vegans and triathletes and weight lifters and other health-minded people get the life insurances rates they deserve.  Learn more about how they can help you by visiting their page 5 Reasons Vegans Should Get a Lower Rate on Life Insurance.”

Health IQ - we help health conscious people get special rates on insurance
Health IQ - we help health conscious people get special rates on insurance

Quiz: What's Your Vegan IQ?

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Matthew Ruscigno

Registered Dietitian, Vegan and Endurance Athlete, Author

Matthew, MPH, RD, is interested in promoting good nutrition and physical activity informed by his life experiences as a vegan and endurance athlete. He has been a Registered Dietitian for over 12 years.

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