Whether you are describing your latest workout or the metaphorical challenge of getting through each day, fitness-themed emojis are a great way to express yourself. The good news is that the emoji world is on a health and fitness kick and there are new ones coming out all the time. Here are some of the best ways to work it out emoji style.


1. Flexing arm

The most popular OG fitness emoji can mean all sorts of things. You are feeling particularly tough, you love to flex your arms, you just had a great workout and are feeling pumped, etc. Would be very handy if they would add the left arm, because left-handed people like to get swole too. Would also be good for combos, such as right bicep, lion’s head, left bicep. Rawwr!!


2. Weightlifter 

Though all platforms now have a weightlifter emoji, the Apple one is by far the best. It has a bent bar and a struggle face which is way more realistic than other weightlifter emojis which have a straight bar and a smiley face. Smiling usually happens after lifting very heavy objects, not during.


3. Rock climber

Many athletic emojis now come in female form and this is one of them. Women like to climb up big, scary things too! Can be used realistically when you’re bouldering with your buddies or scrambling up any challenging obstacle.


4. Trophy 

You work hard both on and off the field, court, gym floor etc. You deserve a trophy, champ! Or perhaps someone else in your life deserves a trophy for putting up with you?


5. Green salad

Emojis have recently gotten their healthy on and there are many more nutritious options for you to send. Unfortunately, sending a salad for World Emoji Day doesn’t have quite the same nutritional benefit as eating one.


6. Woman cartwheeling 

This is the one to send if you’re working on any kind of gymnastic or acrobatic moves. Bonus points for sending the emoji while in this position.  Luckily, it’s a heck of a lot easier to send than actually learning how to do a handstand.


7. Goal

Coupled with, “GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!” can be sent to show that you dominated your soccer game or any other life challenge this World Emoji Day.


8. Tired/exhausted face

As in “my last Crossfit workout kicked my butt so this is my face right now and for the foreseeable future.” Can also be used to show distress at having to miss a workout.


9. Sweat droplets

A pretty emoji that can be used to show you are working hard and sweating a whole lot through whatever workout you are doing.


10. Man in the lotus position 

Can be sent to show off to your friends that you are actually meditating, though really you probably should turn your phone off if you’re serious about it this time around. Can also be used metaphorically to show that you are chill (or trying to be chill) about a situation.