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We’re committed to health consciousness in all aspects of life, and we’re always looking for people who share that passion. Our mission is simple, to make the world a healthier place, and as a company we want to practice what we preach.

Our goal for both current and prospective employees is to offer them an environment that is conducive to the health conscious lifestyle we aim to promote in the rest of the world. By no means is our primary purpose to preach, but make no mistake: our company will practice what we preach. How individuals go about that practice is entirely up to them, and our aim is simply to empower our people at every turn.

What is it like to work here?

Optional Midday Yoga/Fitness Classes

Instead of the usual ping pong or pool table, we’ve dedicated space for yoga practice, spin bikes, rowing machines, and other exercise equipment. And we give our employees 30 minutes each day to focus on their health, whether it’s time for mindfulness, a walk, or using the exercise equipment.

Healthy Food Program

We provide our employees with quality food and snack options, from healthy made-to-order lunches to a never ending supply of organic nuts, fruits and veggies. Because we know that healthy eating is as much about your environment as it is about self-discipline.


At Health IQ, we believe in the power of a positive culture. That’s why we do weekly office-wide standups where each person spends ten seconds on what they’ve accomplished that week, which allows us to celebrate those achievements – because we believe there’s no such thing as too much recognition for your contributions.


We want to improve every aspect of startup culture, and that includes long hours. We still work plenty, but we try our best to end our day around 5 or 6, so that everyone can eat dinner at a healthy hour, spend time with their kids, or get in a workout.