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Why Choose Health IQ

Health IQ Advantages

Exclusive Rates

We offer special rates for health conscious runners, cyclists, weightlifters, swimmers, yoga practitioners and athletes like you.

Athlete-friendly Measurement

We measure waist to hip ratio in addition to BMI for those with muscular builds.

Focused On You, Not Family History

We minimize the penalty for adverse family health history if you are otherwise healthy.

Tailored for Endurance Athletes

We help endurance athletes with slow resting heart rates or runner’s heart get better rates.

Adapted For Low Carb Dieters

We measure Tri/HDL cholesterol ratio in addition to HDL ratio for low carb dieters.

Recognition for the Well-Managed

We recognize that managing diabetes or hypertension is a lot of hard work. We help the well-managed get the rates they deserve.

How We Got Lower Rates

Gathered Data from Millions of Health Conscious People

Over 1 million people took their Health IQ quiz and formed the basis for the scientific analysis of the relationship between health and health knowledge.

Take the Health IQ Quiz

Found The Health Conscious Have Lower Mortality

High Health IQ men had 70% lower mortality than low Health IQ men and for women the difference was 25%. Overall, those with high Health IQ have 56% lower mortality.

Read more details on our research

Combined Data with Medical Research

We negotiated lower rates on life insurance for the health conscious using science and big data.

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Partnered with Top Insurers

We spent the last few years partnering to get competitive rates for the health conscious. Eventually, we convinced forward-thinking life insurance companies to support our mission.

In addition to our special rate partners, we also work with the following top rated carriers to offer you a competitive selection of products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Health IQ?

Health IQ celebrates the health conscious and offers special rates on life insurance. We are a licensed agency in all 50 states and have helped thousands of health conscious people secure billions in life insurance coverage. To learn more about us, view our team page.

We are an official partner of USA Weightlifting, USA Triathlon, U.S. Masters Swimming and Road Runners Club of America. We have an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What insurance products are offered by Health IQ?

Health IQ offers comprehensive term life insurance at special rates for health conscious people. We also offer competitively priced, standard life insurance products for people who might not qualify for the special rate.

How is Health IQ different than other insurance agencies?

We are the only agency to offer special rate life insurance products for health conscious people. We offer special advantages and unique underwriting experience for the health conscious. For example, our athlete-friendly measurements help endurance athletes and strength trainers with low resting heart rates or muscular builds qualify for special rates.

How does Health IQ make money?

Health IQ gets paid a commission by the life insurance carrier only when your policy is in force. There is no obligation to purchase a policy until after you are offered your rate from the carrier. As your agent, we will not charge you extra fees on top of the cost of your life insurance and your medical exam is fully covered. Our goal is to help you get the best possible rates on life insurance.

Health IQ's Special Rates

As a “health conscious” person, how do I qualify for special rates?

To qualify for our special rate life insurance products, you must meet two conditions:

1) You must verify your health consciousness by taking a designated Health IQ Quiz for your health affinity. To qualify for the special rate, you must achieve an Elite score on the quiz.

2) You must also verify your chosen fitness activity such as running, cycling, swimming, weight lifting, yoga etcetera. Verification may include proof such as running or cycling mileage, timed results from cycling races, marathons or triathlons, swim meets and weightlifting competitions.We also accept electronic records from popular health and fitness apps such as Runkeeper, Map My Run, Map My Ride, Strava and more.

Talk to one of our licensed agents if you have more questions about your life insurance quote or how to qualify for our special rates.

Can I find these special rates with other agencies?

Our special rate policies are not available elsewhere, and are enabled by our proprietary data and unique actuarial tables. While we also sell standard insurance products that do not include a special rate, in more than 54% of cases we are able to offer our clients one or more special rate products based on their qualification and status.

Insurance Carrier Questions

What insurance carriers do you work with?

We work with top highly rated carriers such as SBLI, Ameritas, Prudential, Banner, Lincoln, New York Life, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica and other major insurance carriers. See our carrier partners

How do I choose the right carrier for me?

Our licensed agents will work closely with you to find the best life insurance policy depending on your personal health and lifestyle situation.

Common Insurance Terms

What is Term Life Insurance?

“Term” life insurance, also known as “pure life insurance,” will provide you coverage for a specific period of time at a price that is guaranteed to be locked in for that length of time. Clients are never obligated to keep the policy and can cancel or change at any time for any reason. It pays out your dependents if you die within the selected term, protecting your loved ones if you die a premature death. Term lengths range from 10 to 30 years in 5 year increments (10, 15, 20, 25, 30). With most term life insurance policies, the death benefit (the “payout”) and the cost (the “premium”), stay the same throughout the selected term.

What is Permanent Life Insurance?

“Permanent” life insurance will provide you coverage for an indefinite period of time. This policy will never expire and can have a “cash value” component that grows throughout the life of the policy. Because this policy has a cash value component, some clients choose to borrow against the policy or cancel the policy for a portion of the cash value. Permanent life insurance tends to be more expensive than term life insurance - and far more complicated - and therefore is not something that we recommend to our clients. For some high-net worth individuals requiring a highly customized personal finance or estate planning strategy, permanent life insurance can be useful. However, Health IQ does not offer permanent life insurance products.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life is a type of permanent life insurance policy. For this specific type of policy, you pay a set premium amount and the cash value component has a guaranteed growth rate, albeit a low growth rate.

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. For this specific type of policy, you can adjust the premium or benefit amount and the cash value component earns you interest at a variable rate which the insurer sets. You can also pay or reduce your premiums with your cash value component.

What is Variable Life Insurance?

Variable life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance where the policyholder controls the death benefit and premium amounts. Like universal life insurance, policyholders can invest the cash value into investment portfolios.

What is a unilateral contract?

A unilateral contract means the carrier is locked in but the client is not. The client can change or cancel at anytime for any reason but the carrier cannot.

Coverage Questions

How do I decide how much coverage I need?

The short answer is “it depends.” There is no one size fits all policy in life insurance. With that said, most financial advisors recommend somewhere around 10x your current annual income. Some advisors might even recommend 20 - 30x your annual income. The coverage amount largely depends on what amount you believe would make your family financially stable in the future, helping them cover their everyday costs of living and much larger expenses like college and retirement. Our agent will help you choose the policy term and coverage amount and give you the best quote for your particular situation.

Most people protect their income either until retirement age or at least until their children are out of school and able to take care of themselves.

What types of expenses is life insurance used to cover?

  • Mortgages
  • College expenses for your children (calculate future tuition for when your children are expected to enter college, plus any possible expenses for graduate school or postgraduate degrees)
  • Living expenses for your family
  • Cosigned debt (student loans, car loans, medical bills, etc.)
  • Stay-at-home labor expenses (cooking, cleaning, childcare, etc.)
  • Burial / funeral expenses
  • Elder care
  • Estate taxes that your heirs must pay for assets you leave them

In short, we try to get you the right policy to take care of your family’s needs if something happens to you.

What is the maximum and minimum amount of coverage I can purchase?

We analyze your existing policy and coverage to help prevent you from becoming ‘over insured’ according to financial underwriting guidelines. There are limits on the total amount of insurance the carrier will allow for an individual based on age, income and sometimes insurance needs, also known as “coverage limits”.

Your minimum coverage amount depends on your policy type, health conscious score, and current health status. Speak to our agents to learn more.

Are there any “exclusions?

The only exclusion is the “universal exclusion“ which excludes suicide in the first two years of the policy. After two years, even suicide is covered and while we do not expect that to happen to our clients, it is a sign of how comprehensive the coverage is.

Existing Policy Questions

I have an existing policy, can I still buy another policy?

There is no penalty for refinancing an old policy or buying additional coverage. Similar to mortgages, you can apply for a new life insurance policy even if you have an existing one. The new policy can either replace your existing one or it can be additional coverage on top of what you already have.

Why do I need my existing policy information when I talk to my agent?

We need to know your current insurance carrier, term and coverage amount as well as rate class. This will help our agent compare “apples to apples” to ensure you get the best policy and best life insurance quote. Once our agent has all this information, they can help you determine the best coverage needs for you going forward.

Rates and Rating Class Questions

How are my rates calculated? Are rates just determined by age and coverage amount?

No. Rates on life insurance policies are highly personalized and are based on age, gender, health, lifestyle, medical history, medical checkup results, plus Health IQ special advantages you may qualify for. Rates can vary by 10X or more for the same coverage and term from person to person. Your rating class will be determined by the carrier after your application is received and your medical results including your medical history are evaluated.

What is a rating class and how is it calculated?

Insurers grade each applicant into a rating class based on current health and lifestyle factors, which determines your overall ‘risk’. Health conscious people with less risky lifestyles are considered less risky than the average applicant.

What are the different rating classes?

Most insurance carriers classify applicants using the following ‘rating classes’ which are assigned based on health status, medical history and lifestyle risks:

  • Super preferred nonsmoker
  • Preferred nonsmoker
  • Standard plus nonsmoker
  • Standard nonsmoker
  • Preferred smoker
  • Standard smoker

After you complete your medical exam - and your results are analyzed along with your medical history and application - the carrier will assign your rating class.

Health Status Questions

What if I have previous health issues?

Even if you may have been declined for life insurance in the past by a specific carrier, it does not mean that you will be unable to buy life insurance. Each insurance carrier makes its own decisions about whether they are willing to offer you a life insurance policy based on your current health status and lifestyle situation. Our agents will work with you to find the best policy.

Does my family history count against me?

At Health IQ, we believe you can take charge of your own behavior and lifestyle to overcome your family history. We minimize the penalty for adverse family health history if you are otherwise healthy.

I have a high BMI because of a muscular build, will that count against me?

Actually, no. We measure waist to hip ratio in addition to BMI since BMI doesn’t distinguish between muscle and fat. Most other insurance companies only measure BMI.

I have slightly elevated cholesterol due to a low-carb diet, will that hurt my approval?

No. We measure Tri/HDL cholesterol ratio in addition to HDL ratio for low carb dieters.

Medical Checkup Questions

Do I need to get a medical checkup to get approved?

Health IQ offers policies that require a medical exam, as well as policies which do not require a medical exam (called “accelerated underwriting”). Although you are still required to complete a telephone interview and answer questions about your health and medical history, accelerated underwriting often means you can get coverage faster without having to take a blood or urine test. Talk to your sales agent to find the best policy that gets you covered as soon as you need it.

What happens during the medical checkup?

A nurse will come to your place of preference (home, office, or local exam office) and will take a health history and basic measurements (height, weight, blood pressure). A blood draw and often a urine sample is also involved in applying for life insurance. In some cases with larger policies, an EKG may also be required. The exam will take approximately 30-45 minutes.

What should I do to get the best results for my medical checkup?

To prepare for your medical checkup, we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise 72-48 hours prior to the appointment, as strenuous exercise can cause elevated protein levels in your urine. We also recommend fasting 8-12 hours prior to your checkup unless you are diabetic. You should always continue to take medications as prescribed.

Can I use my annual medical results instead of doing your checkup?

No, carriers will require a separate medical checkup that they order to meet their lab requirements. This checkup is free, and most people do it in their own home. However, providing an annual check-up from your own doctor that shows you are healthy may help improve your approval and rate.

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