Life Insurance: Coverage for People with Diabetes

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Diabetes is a challenging condition. People with this disorder must be careful with every aspect of their health, from diet and exercise to wound management and cardiac health. All these factors play a role in making life insurance more difficult to get when you have diabetes. At the same time, the unique health challenges that come with diabetes make it even more important to protect your family by getting insurance. If you're about to embark on the process of finding coverage, this quiz can help you prepare for the challenges.

The two main forms of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2, are very different in the eyes of a life insurance company. While one is more serious than the other, there are steps you can take with either type to improve your chances of getting the best rate and coverage possible. The good news is that with all the advances in medicine, insurers know it's easier than ever for people with diabetes to live long, healthy lives, so they are less hesitant to cover clients who are managing the disorder well. Learn about your choices if you are denied coverage. You have options for different types of policies or carriers, but you should understand what questions to ask to get what you need. What if you already have insurance before you are diagnosed with diabetes? Do you get to keep your policy? People with diabetes understand the importance of taking care of themselves while making sure their families are provided for financially after their death. That task is more difficult because of the way life insurance companies perceive Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. But if you educate yourself, you will know what to expect and how to get the best possible scenario for your loved ones.

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