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Health IQ uses data, science, and statistics to show insurance carriers that health conscious people deserve lower rates on life insurance. By clicking "GET YOUR FREE QUOTE", I give Health IQ Insurance Services my electronically signed prior express written consent to contact me at my phone number and email address listed above to discuss buying life insurance policies & prices. We will never sell your data.

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Health IQ in the Press

"People who work out and eat healthily shouldn't have to pay as much for life insurance."
"In 22 months, the company has helped its customers enforce $5.3 billion in insurance coverage."
"This life insurance start-up has quietly raised $81 million to give cheaper rates to vegans, runners and yogis."
"Health IQ offers products through more than 30 carriers, helping individuals save between 4 and 33 percent."
"Runners, weight-lifters and even vegans are offered life insurance plans at discounted rates, anywhere between 4 percent and 33 percent off"

Health Conscious People Are Overpaying for Life Insurance

This is how Health IQ makes Life Insurance fair

Better Rates

4-33% savings for the health conscious on their life insurance.

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Better Underwriting

70% of our health conscious clients are placed in the top rate class, preferred plus.

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Better Science

Our unique science proved the health conscious have a 41% lower mortality.

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Better Rates
Health IQ can save clients that qualify up to 33% on their life insurance.
How To Qualify
Avg. Savings (%)
Avg. Savings ($)
over a 30 year policy*
Score Elite on the Health IQ Test
Verify Your Fitness
(run 10 miles/wk, ride 50 miles/wk, etc.)
Special Lifestyle Credits
Health IQ underwriting accommodations
$0 - $7,430
Total Potential Savings
$1,238 - $9,906
* Potential Savings are calculated using a 44-year old male non-smoker in California receiving a 30 year, $500,000 life insurance policy that he pays monthly for an Ameritas Special Rate product where the applicant would qualify for preferred plus rate class only after benefiting from the Health IQ stretch underwriting guidelines. Individual savings will vary as specific circumstances will affect each customer's rate and savings. Potential Savings calculations are valid as of 10/26/17.
Don't Think You Qualify?
Health IQ Can Still Save You Money.
Even if you don't qualify, we will use our world class underwriting team and shop 30 carriers to get the lowest retail rate in the market.
Better Underwriting
We partnered with top insurers to not just give you better rates but also underwriting that's tailored to the needs of the health conscious.

UC : Underwriting Change  |    A: Accommodation

Family History is Not Destiny


We reduce your chance of being penalized for adverse family health history if you are otherwise healthy.

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The Muscular are Misjudged by BMI


BMI can't tell the difference between muscle and fat. We work with carriers to ensure strength trainers have a BMI buffer to account for their muscles.

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Well-Managed is a Job Well Done


Only one-third of people with chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) successfully manage their conditions. We believe they are heroes and deserve special accommodation.

See the science

Low Resting Heart is a Badge of Honor


Most carriers will penalize people if their heart rate is too low. We help them recognize that this is a sign of your excellent health and fitness.

See the science

Vegans and Vegetarians are Not Weird


We have convinced carriers to provide special rates to those who have chosen a plant-based diet.

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Low Carb Dieters are Not Their LDL


A low carb diet reduces your cardiovascular risk despite increasing your total cholesterol. Our carriers are a little more lenient.

See the science
Because of Our Better Underwriting,
70% of Our Exclusive Rate Clients Get The Top Rate Class

*This data set represents Health IQ & Industry term life policies that went through underwriting and were approved at Preferred Plus NS, Preferred NS, Standard Plus NS or Standard NS risk classes. Industry data from SOA 2012 Review of Current Preferred Underwriting Criteria Report

Better Science
Health IQ spent years gathering the science and data to prove the health conscious deserve lower rates.
Gathered Data from Millions of Health Conscious People
Over 1 million people took their Health IQ quiz and formed the basis for the scientific analysis of the relationship between health and health knowledge.
Read about our methodology START QUIZ
Found The Health Conscious Have Lower Mortality
High Health IQ men had 33% lower mortality than low Health IQ men and for women the difference was 47%. Overall, those with high Health IQ have 41% lower mortality.
Read more details on our research
Combined Data with Medical Research
We negotiated lower rates on life insurance for the health conscious using science and big data.
View all lifestyle research
Partnered with Top Insurers
We took our data and science on the health conscious to the top carriers and partnered with them to get the lowest rates on life insurance for the health conscious.

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In addition to our special rate partners, we also work with the following top rated carriers to offer you a competitive selection of products.
Health IQ is the Fastest Growing Life Insurance Agency
coverage in force
Customers Rate Health IQ 9.6/10 on TrustPilot**

Michael G.

Probably the greatest team of professionals out there. From top to bottom everyone was a pleasure to work with.

Daniel M.

They go above and beyond. It felt like I had a team of people with my best interests at heart.

A. Cardenas

Quick and painless and love their mission.These guys get that life insurance premiums should reward people who make healthy choices.


Quality Term Coverage for Dedicated Cyclists & Runners at more than a 30% savings.

K. Dayton

I was working with two other companies along with Health IQ, and they were absolutely the best of the three in responsiveness, thoroughness of explanation, and the best deal to top it off.


Health IQ got me a rate that was 70% less than the previous quote I'd gotten!

Brent P.

Life insurance for active people is a fantastic idea, and this company has been nothing but great the whole way through the shopping process. I'm very satisfied with my policy!

Jeremy M.

Health IQ was very helpful in achieving my goals. They were able to get me a substantial savings compared to other brokers.

Tim D.

Great alternative to Standard Insurance Company brokers. Health IQ made better decisions and looked at my unique sports body mass index as a plus not a negative.

David B.

Honesty and Integrity go a long way with me.


Great experience. Plenty of communication. I'm very happy with how it all turned out.

Jessica L.

A great insurance company. Pleasure to work with and amazing rates that reward you for being healthy!

Charles S.

Mostly I love the fact that this company works hard to cover people who work equally as hard to stay fit and healthy.

Gregg Stern

A great way to buy life insurance, with due recognition for excellent lifestyle and health.

Top Team in the Industry
We have built the best team to help you navigate the complex insurance market to ensure you get the best rates possible.
Health IQ Insurance Services is licensed in all 50 states.
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Our Mission

At Health IQ, we believe the best way to improve the health of the world is to celebrate the health conscious rather than harassing those who are not.

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Phone: 800.549.1664
| Available Monday - Friday | 7am - 6pm PT

Verified and secured by Health IQ Insurance Services, Inc., Insurance  Life, Mountain View, CA