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The Health Conscious


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How We Got Lower Rates

Gathered Data from Millions of Health Conscious People

Over 1 million people took their Health IQ quiz and formed the basis for the scientific analysis of the relationship between health and health knowledge.

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Found The Health Conscious Have Lower Mortality

High Health IQ men had 70% lower mortality than low Health IQ men and for women the difference was 25%. Overall, those with high Health IQ have 56% lower mortality.

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Combined Data with Medical Research

We negotiated lower rates on life insurance for the health conscious using science and big data.

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Partnered with Top Insurers

We spent the last few years partnering to get competitive rates for the health conscious. Eventually, we convinced forward-thinking life insurance companies to support our mission.

Secured Special Rates and Better Underwriting

Health IQ Advantages

Exclusive Rates

We offer special rates for health conscious runners, cyclists, weightlifters, swimmers, yoga practitioners and athletes like you.

Athlete-friendly Measurement

We measure waist to hip ratio in addition to BMI for those with muscular builds.

Focused On You, Not Family History

We minimize the penalty for adverse family health history if you are otherwise healthy.

Tailored for Endurance Athletes

We help endurance athletes with slow resting heart rates or runner’s heart get better rates.

Adapted For Low Carb Dieters

We measure Tri/HDL cholesterol ratio in addition to HDL ratio for low carb dieters.

Recognition for the Well-Managed

We recognize that managing diabetes or hypertension is a lot of hard work. We help the well-managed get the rates they deserve.

In addition to our special rate partners, we also work with the following top rated carriers to offer you a competitive selection of products.
Our Mission

We believe the best way to improve the health of the world is to celebrate the health conscious through social and financial rewards.

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