ADHD: Link Between Squirming And Learning

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As an elementary school teacher, I work with students with ADHD often and I see a lot of the same trends. A lot of students aren't diagnosed because the common consensus is that they are "just kids being kids". While I believe that's true to a certain extent, having ADHD can still affect the way students learn.

Strategies to Deal With ADHD

This topic is important to me, and I believe this topic should be important to anyone that has someone around them that has the symptoms of ADHD. I don't believe ADHD is taken seriously enough at times and how it can affect their lives. When I think back to when I was growing up, there were no diagnoses for ADHD and teachers and parents were not aware of how serious an issue it was with children (and even adults) who had trouble focusing on tasks and sitting still when they were supposed to throughout the day in school, at home, at the doctor's office, etc. If we look into the mind of children, there are often times where they want to focus, they just simply cannot focus because they don't understand what's going on in their brain that is causing them to feel the urge to move around or get up. They may need to be thinking about a task to complete, but their minds quickly wander to something they did a year ago on vacation or what they want to eat for dinner tonight. These are serious issues that parents and teachers need to consider when teaching and parenting our children. We need to educate ourselves on strategies that have been proven to work in order to help these children succeed in school and in life, because if we fail these children, then it's going to be that much more difficult for them to overcome ADHD when they become adults. I think ADHD is a topic that is definitely worth educating ourselves over because of the long term effects it can have on everyday life, education, etc.Therefore, we need to find strategies that work for these students instead of just scolding them anytime they are fidgety or have trouble sitting still and paying attention. Through this quiz, you will learn a lot about different strategies that were found to have worked in the classroom for students with ADHD and learn lots of interesting facts. You will learn about "movement strategies" and different movement exercises they can do while working or testing in the classroom or even at home that can help them focus and stay on task. This quiz also provides some surprising information about students who squirmed in their seat while testing! Also, you will find out information about how certain parts of the brain affect activity! Information on studying strategies are also provided in this quiz, as well as how students can improve test scores using a certain strategy that was very shocking and surprising to me! I'm going to have to try that one! There is also information about medication that students take for ADHD. Overall, I learned a lot from taking this quiz and will be mindful of what I found out in my own classroom.