Game On: Is Video Gaming Good For Learning Skills?

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Video games are more than just a fun recreational activity. For some gaming is very serious but does gaming have an effect on learning and cognitive development and is it in a positive or negative way? Can video games cause aggression or can the right games actually be beneficial to one's learning and growth? Are there certain age ranges that are affected more than others and how much time is too much time playing video games? Take this quiz to find out!

Effects of Video Gaming

Video game consoles can be found in most homes in America; roughly 80% in fact. When you consider the population of North America is roughly 579 million, that's a lot of video games being played! Gamers spend a fair amount of time immersing themselves in these realistic worlds, sometimes even taking on the persona of the characters they are playing at the time. What are the effects of all this gaming taking place?

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