Do Sports Drinks Give Children Diabetes?

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Lots of children drink sports drinks these days. They also drink the high caffeine drinks like Red Bull. Kids are now substituting meals with these drinks thinking the beverages give them the energy to get through the day. Few consume them to improve sporting performance, despite the fact they are sold as energy-boosting exercise drinks. Instead, half are drinking the heavily-marketed products for social reasons, attracted to the products' sweet taste, low price, and availability.What children don't realize is the damage it can have on their health. There have been many reports in the news regarding heart problems and cardiac issues after drinking these so called sports drinks in excess. Experts have warned that high sugar levels and acidic content increases the risk of obesity, type-two diabetes, heart disease, and rotting teeth.Many children drink these product to get through the school or work day. Our lives have changed; gone are the days of an early curfew and proper bed times. Children are staying up later and playing on electrical devices while parents work longer hours and are sometimes not around to supervise. Also the family breakfast of cereal and toast is rare. We lead hectic lives this day and age. Skipping meals is a common occurrence in many households.We need to educate ourselves and our children on the dangers of drinking these things for leisure purposes. It's important to have a stable healthy diet. That doesn't mean you can't have sugar and sweet treats occasionally. It just means you need to eat real food and stay hydrated instead of substituting mealtimes with a sugary, caffeine-based drink. If we don't start to change things, we are going to have a generation of people suffering with diabetes, obesity and other issues.

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