Holidays: Having a Healthy Halloween

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up and using your imagination to be something different never loses its appeal. Halloween is a little different now that I have small children celebrating the holiday. Over 42 million children take part in Trick-or-Treating every year and that is just one fun Halloween activity to consider. Halloween parties are also popular during this season with all the traditional games that go with them. Knowing how to keep your children safe is important to having a safe, healthy and fun Halloween. While everyone is different with what they choose for their family, we all want to keep our families healthy and safe. Having the facts to make informed choices saves you from problems later on. There are a lot of potential hazards that come with a holiday centered around dressing up and taking food from strangers. Spending the day hurt or sick puts a damper on the celebration and all the fun that can be had. This quiz helps you determine the safest ways to celebrate the holiday with your family. From the healthier treat choices for your body to costumes and trick-or-treating safety, there are many things about this enjoyable holiday to consider. I never knew how much thought and planning could go into this holiday, but this quiz brings to light potential hazards I hadn't taken into account when we started planning our Halloween festivities. Recognizing potential dangers and facing them before you start celebrating helps alleviate the stress in this fun holiday.