Pain Relief: Music to the Rescue

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For centuries, music has been known to "soothe the savage beast", especially when the "savage beast" is one of us. Music has been used as therapy for people who are in pain or emotional distress for centuries. But how do we know music can help with pain and stress? Through taking this quiz, you will learn more about the profound effects that music can have on operative patients, before, during, and after surgery. You will also learn about how music affects the doctors performing surgery as well. You will learn a little about how the heart and blood pressure is affected by different types and pace of music. You will learn some statistics that show just how much pain is affected by the art of music. Some of the answers to this quiz may even shock and surprise you! So, if you're interested in this fascinating phenomenon, this quiz is for you! As Marvin Gaye said, "Cause music's been my therapy. taking the pain from all my anatomy"We have all been in pain from time to time and it's not a real pleasant experience, as we all know. Enter music. Music is a powerful and interesting medicine for healing in patients. In fact, music is such a powerful response tool that even plants have been known to respond to music. It is amazing that science has caught on to the power of music. Music, combined with other therapies, can help patients ease pain psychologically, which can lead toward easing pain physically. Psychologically, the brain goes through different processes where your nerves feed your brain information that you are in pain. When your nerves tell your brain you are in pain, you will be in pain. Pain causes stress and anxiety on your body. Music can then alleviate the stress and anxiety, and therefore, decrease pain! Music can help elevate your mood, help release depression, and even put you in a meditative state. Music has even been known to help patients before, during, and after surgery! Even though more research needs to be done in this area to figure out what is actually happening, we can see the results ourselves. Listening to your favorite songs while you're in pain will reveal the therapeutic power of musc.

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