Skin Health: Using Sunscreens

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It may be tempting to get carried away when the sun comes out as nobody wants to spend their summer indoors, but when you're out and about in the sun, do you ever consider the damage it could do to your skin and your health?With an estimated 86% of melanomas (around 11,500 cases) every year being linked to too much exposure to sunlight and sunbed use, it's time to test your knowledge and find out if you've got the knowledge to prevent skin damage.

Why Sunscreen is Important

In fact, in more than four out of five cases skin cancer is a preventable disease, so having the right knowledge is crucial to keep both yourself and others safe.Other than staying out of the sun, one of the most effective ways of looking after your skin during the hot weather is to protect yourself using sunscreen. Ranging from SPF 6- 50+, there is one for every skin type, allowing each and every one of us to prepare. With organic fillers that absorb harmful UV radiation and convert and give this energy back out as infrared, sunscreen is an effective way to prevent sunburn.Although using sunscreen to look after your health and to protect yourself from skin cancer is vital for everyone, those more at risk should take more precautions as it starts to heat up. This includes people with very fair skin, those that easily burn, people with a family history of skin cancer, people with an excessive amount of moles or those being treated with immunosuppressive drugs.This quiz will test if you know how sunscreen works, how much you should be using if you know the different types of sunscreen available and if you know how often you should be applying _ all key factors when it comes to keeping safe during the hotter seasons.