Workplace Health: Fitness for Long Days on Your Feet

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When I noticed this quiz, I could have jumped for joy because I work as a manager over a retail store, and my job requires that I stand up all day. My feet, legs, and lower back are in constant pain. You probably noticed it for the same reasons I did. WE NEED RELIEF! This quiz has so much that I've tested and found to be true! So I strongly endorse applying these methods for anyone that has to stand for long periods of time. Because believe me, I feel your "pain". So hurry up and take the quiz so you don't have to anymore.The first thing you will learn are several methods that will develop muscles around your joints/back, and this will in turn help you relieve pain from them, but there is a certain exercise you need to do to achieve this relief. There is also another exercise you can do, which is very simple, that will release endorphins and again relieve more pain. My muscles will often times cramp up around my calf and this can make standing a very terrible experience, but yet again there is an exercise that will help get rid of that cramp! I love how informative the quiz is! The exercises are quick, simple, and very effective.There are some very unhealthy habits that we can form. Maybe it's the way we stand, or even the way our posture is. If either of these are the case then there are things in here that address that as well. I like to say the more knowledge you have over an issue means the more likely you are to defeat it. So gain more knowledge! If you are in pain that is not good, and there might even be helpful tips on devices you can use to relieve foot pain during the standing period. You will never know until you check it out though.Overall, I'm glad I found this quiz. I know it has helped me, and I hope it will help you achieve greater health. Go ahead and knock this quiz out, and then go have a great pain free day!