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Amy Ngyuen

Best Way To Get Rid Of Headaches?

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hilary hatfield

BC Powder


Katie Marie Gibbons

Increase your water intake. Eat less processed and sugary foods





Gina Ann Simard

At night before I crawl into bed I spray lavender all over the bedroom, I might listen to a cd of rain coming down or the ocean waves very quietly. I use peppermint oils on my temple area and on the back of my neck. I also like the smell of rosemary . Then no lights and I will even crawl under the covers to escape from the world. Because I have a brain injury I have tried warm chakra stones placed on my central points. I believe migraines are so hard to deal with that I have tried many different avenues.


Cathi Field

Massage essential oils on head.


Mariam Barbakadze

Listen to relaxing music and rest


Brenda Allen

Drink a cup of coffee



Vigorous sex.


margie stevens

If you have frequent headaches please see your doctor. Headache is the first and sometimes only symptom of an underlying illness or condition. If that has been ruled out. Then- at home a shower alternating hot and cold water to get the neck muscles to relax. A frozen washcloth (rinsed in water, wrung out and folded in thirds in freezer) to temple area, NSAID of choice if you can tolerate them. Drink 16 oz. of water and eat two slices of toast with cheese on them. This last is a recommendation from my daughter's neurologist. She always said to drown a migraine and use the toast and cheese to provide the body a quick boost of serotonin to fight the headache naturally. The frozen washcloth is my discovery of a way to sooth the area. Putting on the sounds of the beach and laying down for twenty minutes helps. At work- I take a NSAID and listen to the best comedy that I have on audible. Laughter works wonders


Lindsay Danelle Anderson

500 msg of Naproxen, lavender or peppermint oil, & rest for an hour as I suffer from occasional migraines