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Claudia Rosetti

Do Organic Foods Have No Pesticides, Is That Why It’s Expensive To Buy Organic?

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Augusta Sweet

Sorry, Rose, but that isn't entirely true. There are over 20 pesticides & fungicides used on organic crops. The difference is the origin of the pesticides used. Organic pesticides are those that are derived from natural sources and processed lightly if at all before use. This is different than pesticides used by conventional agriculture, which are generally synthetic. Non-use of pesticides is the biggest myth/misconception about organic produce.


Rose McConnell

Organic farms have other methods, like setting traps or letting loose on predators. There are some pesticides used but it’s regulated.


Michelle James

Augusta is correct. Also, when tested for pesticide residue organic foods have dramatically lower levels than conventional foods Another reason organic is more expensive is yields. Yields tend to be lower with organic farming, which leads to higher prices.