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Robert Conroy

Grass Fed, Free Range Meat Is Much More Expensive. How Much More Nutritious Is It Really?

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Jeanie C.

It's not just if it's more nutritious. Antibiotics in regular meat can do a lot of damage to the body. To me there an important moral and environmental aspect to it as well. We all have different budgets and needs, but even just replacing a few of your meat purchases a month with grass fed meat is doing some good to your body and the world.


Paul Lungu

Quality over quantity. Go for local grass fed pasture raised whenever possible. It's better for you, the cow, and the planet.


Kaitlyn Drysdale

Grass fed meat has more omega 3, cla, less saturated fat and is usually organic. they arent feeding the animal corn, grains and ground up cows, chickens etc... Cows weren't meant to eat other cows or grains. And they usually won't have antibiotics or hormones but you do have to check on that not all organic is grass fed and not all free range is organic.


Chad Mason

I am afraid Steven G. Is correct. There are no long term scientific studies on Grass vs Grain Fed. There just isn't anyone willing to spend the money to prove grass fed is healthier. Even if there were studies that proved it, you would have an equal amount finding ways to dis-prove it because of Lobbiest and the way politics are in the U.S. I have decided to spend the extra money and eat grass fed beef and butter because I have a local farmer that can provide it and at minimum, I am supporting my local economy. I do know that antibiotics and hormones have side effects, so I am going to play it safe and minimize my consumption of beef that has been fed these chemicals. I have recently made these changes in my diet, so I will follow up with the difference in my blood work, if any is evident.


Barbara Wolfe

My motto is pay more to the grocer now, or pay the doctor much, much, more later. If you use grass fed meat as a condiment it really isn't that costly. Inflammatory illness fueled by eating meat from animals who suffer from inflammation is a much costlier alternative.


Marie Noel

Love grass fed beef


Jeanie C.

*there is


Nicholas Sabinske

Like most things nutrition, there is no silver bullet and it's about all of the cumulative small things over time. If your diet is locked in otherwise, some corn fed here and there isn't an issue and honestly is still a net positive as corn fed beef is still nutritionally superior to lots of other choices. Beyond that it's your prioritizing of ideal health vs cost. If the choice is no beef vs beef, take the corn fed any day IMHO. You may want to steer towards the leaner side, though. Save the grass fed budget for ribeyes. For saving cost, check out your local farms for options such as cow sharing where you split the cost on a pastured butchered cow and fill your freezer. This stuff tastes the best anyhow! Also some supermarkets such as Wegmans are offering grass fed ground beef in bulk, the 93/7 cost is comparable to 95/5 corn fed and I think it's worth it.


Donna Carter

If you are what you eat, so are cows. Grassfed means more nutrition because the cows eat only grasses and legumes. Feedlot animals are given food their bodies can't handle like soy, corn, and any garbage (even literally) causing more disorders and low nutritional quality beef.


dale kimber

Lots. Cows stomachs were not designed to eat grains @ corn soy barley etc. They are also pumped full of anti-biotics snd growth hormones. If Eat beef Be sure is Organic only