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Danny Taylor

How Do You Ensure Financial Security & De Stress?

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Kyle Condon

Pay your credit card balances in full each month and don't charge more than you can afford to pay off each month.


Sima Patel

Live the lifestyle you can afford!


Mike Lee

Treat retirement savings and emergency funds as a bill each month!


Claire Fagan

make saving automatic. I have part of each check go directly to savings and retirement and budget the rest accordingly.


Ryan Haczynski

BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET! Pay off all of your debts (yes, even your house), invest for retirement, and never worry about money again. No debt = living life to the max with no regrets!


Dan Contreras

#1: Save up three months of your salary for emergencies. #2: Only use your credit card when you are able to afford to pay it off each month. #3: Full Price is for Suckers! (Always shop around before making any purchases).


Connie Yetter

Rarely eat out


Jennifer Fowler Hunsucker

As a couple set a budget on only one of your incomes. If you can't pay for it on the one persons income then you probably don't really need it. Then if something happens and one of you can't work, you know you can make it. Put the money the other one makes in savings, invest towards retirement, and pay things off early.


Sherry G. Dawson

Prayer & obedience


Nancy Engel

Plan budget.....wite it down and stick with it.