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Sameer Khan

How Do You Vary Your Workout Routine?

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Christina Riser

Every other day is a different weight routine that targets different areas. Between those is either walking, interval walking, step ups + walking laps, cardio circuits, biking, or one of the elliptical type machines.


erin rittenhouse

Every other day, switch muscle groups


Lesyle Gant

I try to do a different activity each day of the week. I'm still learning to appreciate/enjoy weight training exercises (ab crunches on stability ball, planks, an twists using weighted ball, etc.) I have to do it, so I really have no choice. Going through too many physical changes, so I have to do it.


Greg Reed

I try to shift in my chair at work at different intervals as well as tapping my toes during meetings. My biggest health benefit comes from shifting my eyes during video conferences from the camera to my monitor to check emails during the meeting without anyone noticing.


Mindy Evans

Change routes when I run. Mix up gym workouts with home workouts. Find activities I enjoy and do that as my cardio for the day. Like kick around the soccer ball.


Timothy Monnier

Walk at different places


Mandi Walbeck

Monday-Wednesday-Friday I do Les Mills Body Combat, Tuesday's and Thursday's I do Zumba/Les Mills Body Flow. I also walk my dog everyday for 30 minutes minimum.


Rosemarie Damann

Working out different parts of my body daily for 30 minutes.


Sherrie Sargent

Bike outside, treadmill indoors, boot camp classes, weights, swimming...always looking for something new and fun that doesn't feel like exercise but gets me to break a sweat.


Gabby DeVelbiss

Trampoline in front of TV... Watch all my DVR shows... And run up and down stairs on commercials!!!