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Jim Sullivan

How Has Fitness Impacted Your Sex Life?

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Jim Lewis

I'm not allowed to answer this question.


Nancy Fagan

I have enjoyed sex all of my adult life and feel good about that and my own self worth due to keeping fit! I am in my late 70's


toni karpa

Makes me feel good about myself . However my partner won't excercis even and this is a hindrance


Brian Polson

Working out has made me feel more confident and seems to have made me more attractive to the opposite sex. Too bad it hasn't helped me with my wife


cath hart

yoga has allowed me to have seriously intense orgasms with my partner , lots of pelvic muscle strengthening and learning to relax and be in the moment. Ive never been overweight so not an issue but my partner has found that when he is a lower weight his stamina for sex is much longer, this i find helpful recently even a 10 pound weight loss for him made a difference. Exercise and weight loss definitely improve sex but also i find just as important is being mentally calm and engaged - meditation/ yoga are also key to achieving this and reaching the most satisfying sexual state.


Martin Burch

At it for 30 years now with my wife and better every time. And exercise is ok too.


Ruth Ann

When my husband and I both lost weight, the reduction in belly fat allowed for more closeness.


Brian Lamar

I pick up a lot of chicks and broads from the gym.


Angela Aloisi

Makes me up for it multiple times daily, and be accused of raping my husband! (Now ex.)


Cara Worland

How can I get every single one right, but end up with a score of 198/200?