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Charlotte Graves

How Have You Prepared For Emergencies?

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David Cauthon

How are you supposed to boil water with no power?


linda hogan

If possible freeze milk in individual servings so you don't have to thaw out the full amount.


Dave Alan Kerrigan

thats a crap question go outside and boil water on your grill


Valerie Dixon

Got a generator. The power stayed on ...go figure!


David Zurek

Have batteries,flashlights,candles and bottled water in storage. Also have food storage back-up that has been recycled. I also have a water filter.


Kevin Coomer

How am I supposed to know what is in cans of food if I don't have the labels on them?


Karyn Murphy

Stock up on bottled water, flashlights, lanterns, batteries, energy bars. And Pray!! ;)


Marla Herrell Gillespie

Put a coffee cup of frozen water in the freezer. Put a coin on top. If the coin has sunk you will know the power was off long enough to start defrosting.


Chris Holyoake

what if you don't have a grill or your apparment building won't allow you have a grill


Rebecca Johnson

Freeze large freezer bags full of water to keep freezer cold and can be used for water fill bathtubs with water to drink and flush toilet keep canned fruits vegetables meats like spam granola bars oatmeal crackers etc on hand for power outages keep flash lights batteries and candles handy but make sure you keep fresh batteries and extra batteries gallons of water for pets and bottled water for humans