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Lesley White

I Don't Have Celiac's But Ibs And Heard Being Gluten Free Can Help.

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Angie Garcia

I had IBS and going gluten free did nothing for me but going sugar free and getting rid of processed foods did help.


Donna Carter

If you have Celiac's, which is genetic and must be tested, as little as 50mg can cause issues. IBS is a general condition covering many causes. You'll have to experiment by slowing adding and removing parts of a diet and seeing what helps.


Michelle Miller

IBS can be caused by a variety of things. I would recommend keeping a food journal and look for triggers (specific ingredients, types of cuisines, etc.). If you don't notice a particular trend then a lot of people have luck with elimination diets. The important part is to eliminate only one food group at a time (dairy, gluten, etc.) and keep track of how your body responds.



I'm gluten free. My ENT suggested I try it for my meniers . He's doing it because of ibs type symptoms and he'd seen specialist who didn't have answers. He's better now that he's GF He pushes completely gluten free. It's hard initial I think it's helped me , however a great deal of it is watching what you eat to determine what makes symptoms worse.


Joel King

No sugar and no processed food will help anyone. If you have digestive issues and going GF helps, stick w/it. If not, get tested.