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Lizabeth Perry

My Child Is A Picky Eater And Loves Junk Food.

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Andrea Cox

Let her help choose (from among healthy options) what to have for meals and snacks. This way you both win - you provide only decent choices, but she gets to choose. Ask her to try new things often - again, give a choice ("are you going to try a bite of the broccoli or the mango?") but don't make not trying food an option.


Leah Nicole Miller

Try making smoothies and sneaking in veggies with the sweet fruit! My kids love it!


Emily Christensen Barker

Start by rotating their accepted foods and then when you add new foods they don't stand out as being different. Get kids to taste small servings so they aren't overwhelmed. Pay attention to the textures and flavored they like already and add similar ones. Finally, presentation matters! Check out Pinterest for fun food ideas.


Nicholas Bourg

I completely agree with Danielle. Young children look to us, their parents, for guidance. Involve her in the preparation of healthy meals and explain to her why it's important to eat nutritionally dense foods. Include a variety of different foods so she has the chance to decide what she likes and doesn't like. Make it fun and don't force foods on to her she doesn't like. You are her super hero, she will follow your lead.


danielle steckel

By just being a role model she will slowly see you eating healthy and will want to try. Introduce a new food every week.


Sherrill Rocha-McLemore

purge your pantry and refridgerator of all junk, and start eating in instead of fast food on the road... start cooking more vegetables, less pastas and offer more fruit or raw veggies as snacks... they may rebel at first, but when they get past the ignored crying, tantrums and grumpy sour looks aimed your way and real hunger sets in they will eat, not happily at first, but they come around and if you let them help prepare their own snacks they can feel good about "cooling" and an occassional sweet treat or order of nuggets and fries won't hurt his diet...


Colin Feldtman

Instill in your children the importance of eating square meals. By giving your children the necessary nutrition they need for breakfast, lunch and dinner you will be giving them the allotted nutrition they need and they should never really have to snack. Teach them to eat to satiety, not fullness.


Ciera Mave

I'm an adult picky eater and have found some purée recipes that I can put into foods I love.



My mom would take something I like and put it on something I did not like. Such as a little cheese on broccoli. Now I love broccoli as an adult.