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Joan Kowalski

What Are Some Good Hip Stretching Exercises? I Can't Even Sit In Lotus Without It Hurting.

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Erin Aberant

If you're wanting a good hip opener that's seated, butterfly pose is a great intro to lotus.


Angela Fischer

Lotus is more advanced. I have arthritis and I enjoy stretching my hips like this; Lay on your back knees bent feet flat on floor on a yoga mat or soft surface, arms at your sides. Roll pelvis up to flatten the arch between the floor and your back. Relax for 10 deep breaths. Gently turn your knees to the left, put your left hand on the outside of your right knee. Turn your head to the right and stretch out your right arm. Hold for 10 slow deep breaths. Come back to center, relax. Repeat on other side. Be mindful of your breathing and don't stretch until it hurts. Be gentle with your body. You deserve it!


Jennifer Doherty

Pigeon is a good pose or even happy baby to give your hips a nice stretch. I suggest doing pigeon only if your body is significantly warmed up (unless your used to the pose) & don't hyper extend your muscles to the point where it hurts. Just allow yourself to breathe into the posture & find a balance. If pigeon still seems to advanced for you, then try happy baby. Lay on your back & bring your legs spread apart & up towards your chest..allow your knees to come as close to your chest as possible, place both hands onto either your feet if your able or your knees or wherever feels comfortable & gently rock side to side releasing the fascia in the lower back & allowing your hips to gently open up. Breathe deep & trust your body, it knows best. Namaste xo


Raj Dubey

I started yoga to complement my running and a runner’s lunge with arms overhead gives me a great stretch.


Amanda Todd

Tree pose is also a nice hip opener. You can control how far out you take your hip by how high your raised foot is or how far out you put your knee. It also gives you the chance to stretch your spine.


Mia Newsome

Agree pigeon is great. Ease into it with half pigeon, use as many blankets or blocks as you need to be comfortable so you can get in a good stretch. Engage your core though so you don't just let the back collapse or hyperextend.