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Shaheen Anwar

What Health Reasons Influence Vitamin B In Your Diet

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Martin Burch

Take it as a multi vitamin but don't worry if I eat well I'll get my vitamins. By the way, how does the math work that when you get all the questions right you only score 198/200.? What programming genius built this frustration into the app?


Julie Petrovic

Recovering from thyroid cancer and removal of my thyroid, my energy levels have suffered. I make sure to take a low supplement and eat foods like beets and dark leafy greens so I'm no longer struggling through my days but am actively living each day.


Mark Selawry

I take a B complex which I put in my home made yoghurt overnight to "pre-digest" it, increasing bioavailability. Works wonders for cognitive health!


Darcie Wallace Duckworth

Multi vitamin every other day. Have elevated B12 which has made me extremely tired. Glad I did not hop on the B12 shot bandwagon! Equally glad my DR was concerned about fatigue rather than chalking it up to stress


J Tate

Food > pills and the booze you're drinking interferes with what little you would have poorly absorbed from you pill anyway.



Multi vitamin each morning


cath hart

I'm vegan however I have never had low b12 . It's a misconception that vegans have low b12 so I do not require a supplement. I dis suffer from macrocytic anemia due to low folate in the past however started drinking green juice/smoothies and eating lots of kale and dark greens which solved the problem!


Jayne Jimmy Jess Webber

B12 and 6 to help with neuropathy and spot on my liver.


Brenda Ziegler

Just an FYI.....it is the B vitamins that make your urine yellow.


Mark Adelsberger

Exercise, hydrate, eat several carb-protein balanced meals daily, no added salt or sugar, think positive and get your rest...daily. Repeat.