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Shaheen Anwar

When Do You Find Your Mind At Your Sharpest?

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kelly bergmann

Wear a Fitbit while working. I use one and track my steps and set reminders using the alarm to get me up and moving throughout the day.


Angie Westendorf

After a good night's rest and in the morning. Need to take breaks to stretch and refocus if working on intense project .


Joanne Joseph LaFlamme

Before the phone starts ringing and the office fills with noise...first thing in the morning is my favorite time of the day.


Linda Kim

I'm a morning person. I usually get 7-8hrs of sleep. Early in the morning is when I'm the sharpest.


Jane Oakley

If I get up at 6am, around 10 am I am ready to face the consequences of being conscious.


Timothy Monnier

In the morning before the clutter and hassles of the day take their toll on my motivation


Melinda Smith Abner

Definitely earlier in the morning after a good nights rest.


Carole Papy

Unfortunately, I inherited my dad's side tendency to be a night owl. I come alive when the sun goes down no matter how tired I was all day. Wish I was like mom; she woke at 6:00 am like clockwork and fell asleep at 10:00 pm even if she was standing up.


Martin Burch

Morning after coffee


Bob Langan

In the morning after exercise and Coffee.