Coffee As A Health Drink?

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Studies show that the average American slurps down between three and four cups of coffee a day. We are a caffeinated society, literally twitching on a macroscopic level. Multi-tasking and generally "being on top of things" is expected at many workplaces, and coffee is our stimulant of choice. The mere sound of a machine percolating can invoke a feeling of comfort, leading many to suspect that raising the beany roast to your lips must be an unhealthy practice. Yet, recent research has indeed confirmed that there are numerous positive health effects associated with coffee drinking. It seems too good to be true. It's hard to believe that a drink with a smell powerful enough to trigger a dopamine release could carry health benefits, but it can. This quiz sharpens your knowledge and provides a surprising glimpse into the health benefits coffee provides. A group of lucky mice were given small amounts of coffee, which lead to some fascinating discoveries in brain science, all on the positive spectrum. If your brows aren't raised yet, consider this. Regular consumption of caffeine can even prevent certain mental health problems. Granted, overconsumption can cause nervousness and anxiety, but responsible coffee drinking has been proven to be helpful. Nearly ever person on Earth has been touched by cancer in some way. Shockingly enough, regular consumption of coffee may help provide some preventative maintenance for certain forms of the disease. Perhaps those Sufi priests in 15th century Yemen, credited for first consuming coffee, knew the drink was useful beyond providing an energy boost. Coffee has been proven to be beneficial to the body and mind. Without a proper knowledge base, the power of the bean cannot be unlocked. Arming yourself with the proper information lets you sip your preferred roast, fully aware of its many perks.