Cognition: Foods For Memory And Brain Health

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Can what you eat affect your memory? It sure can! This quiz helps you learn which foods help improve your cognitive performance, and which ones may contribute to forgetfulness, memory loss, or a more serious condition such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Memory Boosting Foods

Memory loss and declining memory is a fear of many adults. Today's world of multi-tasking technology could be harming our ability to concentrate and to remember, potentially leading to earlier memory declines. Whether you want to pass that test with flying colors, or just remember where you put your car keys, a few simple changes to your eating habits can make a big difference. Studies have shown that certain foods can actually slow down the brain, impairing the ability to recall memories and learn new information. If you hope to never lose your car keys again, those foods should be eliminated or eaten only in moderation. On the other hand, adding other foods to your diet can help improve your memory and mental sharpness. Some naturally occurring compounds and nutrients can reverse memory decline. For example, certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts are known to be brain boosting super foods. Put these on your dinner table and you may be able to finish that 1,000-piece puzzle in no time! How you eat really can affect how you think. So if you can't recall what you ate for breakfast yesterday or the name of the main character from the last book you read, perhaps it's time to consider making a few healthy changes to your diet. Cut down on known ingredients that could be contributing to memory loss, and increase your intake of foods that can improve memory and thinking skills. Is your diet in need of changes to keep your brain healthy and your memory strong? Take this quiz to find out. Don't wait any longer, or you might forget about it!