Health Benefits Of Bone Broth

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This quiz shines a spotlight on a popular ingredient in today's cooking. Turn on a cooking show, and you're likely to see broth being used in one way or another. We use broth for soupspasta sauces. We can easily find broth on the shelves of our favorite grocery stores, so we rarely give it a second thought. But when prepared correctly, broth can be a superfood.

Why You Should Try Bone Broth

A traditional broth includes mainly meat and fat, with a few bones thrown in for good measure. Bone broth, however, uses the whole carcass of an animal, along with all the trimmings and a little meat. If you want a broth with optimal flavor, you'll need to roast the bones beforehand. People from all over the world have been using bone broth as a natural medicine for years. Many cultures love that this method wastes virtually none of the animal, since added vinegar can help pull the minerals from the bone. The minerals turn into a gel-like substance that sits on top of the liquid when the broth is cooled.Bone broth is a nutrient-rich stock that's packed with protein. It's like store-bought broth on steroids. This broth takes a little more time and effort, especially if you choose to make it yourself. It's worth the extra effort, though. Many people who drink bone broth regularly notice that their bodies detox better and that their cold and flu symptoms decrease, which is something we can all get behind. In this quiz, you'll learn about the many other benefits of bone broth, why you should start using it, and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life.If you're interested in making bone broth at home, your wallet will thank you. It's cost-effective, as you're mostly using leftovers from your dinner. Not into making things yourself? Don't worry! Many health food stores now sell bone broth for just a little more than you'd pay for regular stock. Whether you make it yourself or choose to purchase it, this is one super ingredient you'll want to add to your menu!

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