Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Safer?

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E-cigs may be marketed as a safe alternative to smoking, but as with everything you consume on planet Earth, there are risks that you should be aware of. Before you pick up that fancy device, gaze into its LED screen, and let it rip; you should educate yourself.

What You'll Learn

Formal studies have been done to determine what exactly is being inhaled and exhaled. While the vaporized liquid may be safer than traditional smoking, it is not always harmless. Scary sounding chemicals too difficult to pronounce may be at play. We've all seen that E-cig user bellow out a cloud worthy of a radar signature, sometimes right next to a child! Find out how the use of E-cigs may impact your health and the health of those around you by taking this brief quiz. In today's world, the decisions other people make in public can infringe upon your well being and it's often in your hands to protect yourself and your family from new fads that aren't well researched. One prime example is the E-cig craze. The data from studies related to the second hand "vape" may surprise you. Chemicals once relegated to dangerous fields of work and disaster zones may be lurking in your E-liquid (the fluid that is vaporized by E-cigs). The primary chemical byproduct being tossed around in the debate over these devices is flammable, carcinogenic, yet colorless. If that sounds concerning, it should be. Not all vaporized E-liquids carry the same potential for harm. There are many factors at play, but knowledge is the key to protecting your health, or the health of a loved one who uses an E-cig.

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