Mental Health: Staying Healthy When Living Alone

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Studies show that the number of people who live alone is on the rise. Some are older people who aren't quite ready to go to an assisted living home, while others are young people who aren't interested in dorm life. Some people simply prefer the solitude. If you're an introvert, this would be an ideal situation, right? The idea of having the house to yourself is appealing, but there are some things to keep in mind if you choose to live alone. This quiz focuses on something that's extremely important, is forgotten all too easily ã your mental health. It's a topic that no one really talks about, though it's beginning to get more media coverage. Mental health is pushed to the back burner because the symptoms of mental health issues can be harder to detect than those of physical problems. Often the person having the crisis is reluctant to share their problems, so no one thinks anything is amiss. The person may be so downtrodden that they don't realize they have an issue. Many times, close friends and family are able to get through because they pick up on something small or the person decides to vent to them. Someone who lives alone doesn't have a constant presence in their life, so it's easier for them to suffer in silence.Depending on the circumstance that led you to live alone, you might be prone to becoming mentally unhealthy. Sometimes, we choose to live alone out of insecurities, or because we live alone we have anxiety. It's important to keep those circumstances in mind when taking this quiz. Many of us live with a mindset that we don't need other people. While independence is a wonderful thing, we all need human interaction to some extent. It helps us in many ways.This quiz will give you ideas for keeping yourself mentally healthy. You'll learn the detriments of living alone and figure out ways to combat them. You'll gain practical insight and get a calculated action plan for intentionally seeking out interaction. Your mental health is important because everything you do centers around it. It's important to take the necessary steps to keep yourself happy, healthy, and emotionally stable.Popular Tips and Member Q&As:What Else Can Life Insurance Be Used For?Popular Quizzes: