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Travel is exciting, and if you're anything like me, there is no better feeling than when you're about to board a plane to a new and exotic destination. But before you jet off, do you stop to think about your health during your flight?Keeping yourself healthy at 35,000 feet might not always be your first thought when planning your getaway, but it's vital you consider the possibilities to ensure a stress-free flight and holiday. The symptoms, including sore throats, swollen glands, dizziness, dehydration, bursting ear drums, headaches, heavy legs and the flu _ are enough to make you want to stay on the ground, however knowledge is key in ensuring a healthy and happy flight.But what is it about a plane that means we're more likely to catch something?Well, when at their highest altitude, the air on a plane is a lot thinner and smoother. This makes it considerably less hospitable for us because at that height, the air pressure is much lower than it would be at ground level. As a result, plane cabins are pressurised to mimic an altitude of around 7,000ft _ similar to that of sitting at the top of a mountain for hours at a time, you're still likely to feel dehydrated and feel an effect on your body. Even for the healthiest among us, the pressure from being 35,000ft can be too much to handle, so this quiz is designed to see if you're flight-savvy and ready for your next journey _ whether it be short or long haul. Find out what you already know about having a healthy, happy flight and see the areas you need may to improve on before you fly, helping you see the ways in which you can prepare for healthy holiday travel.

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