How To Love Pets Without Getting Their Infections

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Pets live in millions of households around the world. Animals can help their owners in many different ways, forming bonds that seem unbreakable. A lot of people can't imagine their daily lives without their petsanimals poses health risks that you should consider before bringing home a new friend.

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All animals have the potential to spread infections and diseases. Dogs are capable of carrying rabies, which they can transmit to humans. Reptiles and amphibians are capable of spreading salmonella, which they can spread to their owners. When handling animals and interacting with their living spaces, taking proper measures can greatly decrease your chance of getting an infection. Wearing gloves when cleaning tanks or pet areas, taking pets to a trusted veterinarian for annual shots and checkups, and washing hands thoroughly after handling animals are all good ways to minimize the risk of infection.Although generally healthy people tend to have a lower risk of contracting an infection from animals, it's best to practice safe handling regardless of your health status. By handling your pets safely, you can better enjoy the benefits of having them. Many pets are thought to lower their owners' blood pressure, giving them added exercise opportunities and calming their nerves. Having pets is a wonderful experience, and with proper care, the benefits will outweigh the risks. This quiz will introduce you to the infections that different animals can transmit and teach you how to handle them to minimize risk. It will also show you the many benefits that you'll enjoy when you have pets.