The Perfect Body: Impact Of Obsession

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The obsession with the perfect body is growing and showing no signs of slowing down. While it's natural to care about your health and outward appearance, some fail to understand that body obsession goes so much deeper than that. It can become a prime fixation, which spreads and controls many other elements of that person's everyday life, from avoiding certain foods to being entirely preoccupied by weight. Obsessive exercising and calorie control come at the expense of a happy existence.

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For many individuals, body obsession stems from personal ideals and a focus on one particular body part or a certain weight or size. Sometimes it develops from outside influences that include the media's focus on the perfect body or even just a passing comment from a friend or family member. Most commonly, peer pressure changes how a person sees themselves. Studies show that more young men than ever before are influenced by the idea of the perfect body. In this present day, there's more pressure than ever before to live a fashionably healthy lifestyle and be in good shape. Sales of sportswear, supplements, and healthy eating books are reaching an all-time high, but at what cost? Sometimes what starts as a healthy lifestyle change elevates into excessive exercising, use of steroids, and extreme food restrictions. While the main focus has historically been on common eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, restriction of certain food groups is more accepted than ever before but can be just as detrimental and serious. Additionally, do we understand the long term effects? Often body obsession is a complex mental disorder with risks such as depression and body dysphoria. In extreme cases, whilst aiming for the perfect body, there is a risk of physical disfigurement and extreme plastic surgery.Popular Tips and Member Q&As:What Else Can Life Insurance Be Used For?Popular Quizzes: