Mark Loses Weight and Fixes His Health

After retiring from two careers at age 59, Mark Johnson was diagnosed with a handful of health conditions. “I had been diagnosed with elevated LDL (bad) cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, sleep apnea and hypertension,” Mark tells us, “And my BMI was also in the ‘overweight’ range.” He had also had experienced two debilitating gout attacks in the last 8 years. Wanting to keep his health conditions from worsening, Mark decided to take serious stock of his lifestyle and make the appropriate changes for the better.

As anyone who is new to working out or starting a new regime, Mark eased into his physical activity. “I began walking and biking nearly every day,” Mark says, “and striving for 10000 steps or more daily in the process.” He also started to adopt healthier eating habits, using his wife’s Weight Watchers diet plan to help him create better dietary habits.

By continuing to make small changes, Mark lost 12 pounds, and his BMI was no longer in the overweight range. “My clothes are no longer snug, and my wife says my snoring is not nearly as frequent or as loud,” says Mark. Moreover, his bad cholesterol levels went down, his HDL (good) cholesterol is up and the doctors told him his triglycerides are normal. All of these celebratory changes to his health Mark attributes to his new health conscious lifestyle. Mark does note that he still takes blood pressure and gout preventative medications, but his doctor took him off his cholesterol medication.

Mark encourages others to take it one step at a time when it comes to a more health conscious lifestyle. “My advice to anyone who finds themselves in similar shape as I was ‘before’ is take everything in moderation” Mark tells Health IQ, “Radical changes in behavioral, dietary, and exercise habits are difficult to maintain, and invite failure. Gradual changes, combined with a supportive and dedicated partner are much more likely to become habitual.” Congratulations Mark on taking control of your health and thank you for encouraging others to do the same!