Smoothies are a fantastic breakfast option. A breakfast smoothie is quick to prepare, easy to pack with healthy nutrients and convenient to drink on the go. Unfortunately, during the winter this chilly breakfast option can be a lot less appealing. But just as there are ways to winterize your workouts, there are ways to winterize your smoothies too.

To make this cold weather breakfast smoothie, start with your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk base. Dairy milk with some fat and nut milks are generally going to give you a creamier result, though they are also higher in fat. 

Next, add your protein of choice. This could be a protein powder or a nut butter, depending on your preference. Most protein powders will have a sweetening effect, while nut butters will add a dose of healthy fat and nutty flavor. Toss in a handful of your favorite greens—I like spinach—which you won’t even taste, but you can feel great about already having some salad before most people have opened their eyes. 
For your fruit, winter berries are the best option. I recommend using fresh berries from the refrigerator—as opposed to frozen fruit—to keep your smoothie from getting too cold. The final secret ingredient which will boost your smoothie’s creaminess off the charts is ½ a small avocado or ¼ of a large avocado. Avocado also gives you more healthy fats and a dose of healthy nutrients. 

Since some of the winter ingredients—such as full fat milk and avocados—are higher in fat and calories, consider making your breakfast smoothies a bit smaller if you are watching your weight. 

Keys to an easy-to-drink, warming winter smoothie:
Use a milk base with some fat for flavor and creaminess 

Use fresh not frozen fruit
Use avocado to add creaminess
Congratulate yourself on starting the day with a super healthy meal! 

How to make the “Best Winter Smoothie”
1 ½ cups Milk (2% fat)
Scoop protein powder
Handful of greens
½ cup refrigerated berries
½ small avocado
Blend until smooth

Approximate calories: 460

What is your favorite cold weather breakfast smoothie?