At age 42, Ray Carroll experienced a health scare that made him realize he needed to change his ways. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at an early age and, due to his weight gain, it was becoming increasingly difficult to control. He knew that if he didn’t take immediate action, his diabetes would only become harder to manage. Wanting to ensure he would be around for his family as long as possible, Ray decided it was finally time to make a change. “I’ve got 3 beautiful daughters” Ray tells Health IQ, “ and I started thinking about my long term health and how I wanted to be around for them and have a good quality of life.”

Unsure of how to begin, he turned to a coach at his local sports medicine job for help. His coach put him on a weight training program and he immediately got hooked. Ray loved the feeling of gripping the iron and lifting heavy. Wanting to take his fitness journey one step further, Ray also began training for a 5K race. “I started walking and lifting” Ray explains, “which turned into running and getting fit.” Over the course of a year, Ray combined his training with a healthy diet to lose an amazing 40 lbs. Not only that, he also made some serious strength gains in the gym. He went from a 160 max bench press to a 270 max bench.

Ray took it one step further and even inspired his wife to lose 35 lbs as well. He also went from running 5k races to 10k races and is incredibly happy with his new fit life. “It’s been a great journey” Ray tells us as he reminisces, “I used to look at fit people and think, ‘I could never do that.’ But I have learned that it’s not about athletic ability, it’s just about determination”. Thank you, Ray, for showing us that anyone can be health conscious with just a little motivation and whole lot of determination.


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