If you’ve still got a bloated belly full of Thanksgiving trimmings and treats, you might feel like you won’t finish digesting your dinner until after the new year—especially since protein and fat-rich meals take longer to break down than fiber-rich ones. That’s why This Week’s blog post focuses on belly-soothing foods, digestion friendly tips, and simple yoga poses to help you calm a troubled tummy. So don’t let a heavy meal slow you down—use our belly-friendly tips to keep you going this holiday season.

Looking to cure the holiday hangover?

Having a few too many glasses of wine during the holidays can lead to headaches and feeling bloated the next day. For those who have overindulged with alcohol, drinking electrolyte-filled sports drinks or eating potassium-rich foods such as bananas, kiwi, and spinach can help ease symptoms. For those who enjoyed too many helpings of spicy side dishes, foods such as milk, avocados, and bread can help absorb spicy oils and curb the burn. For more tips to help you find post-meal comfort, take our daily quiz.

Looking for natural ways to boost digestion?

While holiday dinners and parties tend to offer indulgent high-fat/high-carb foods, there are some ways to promote a healthy digestive system in between big meals. First, opt for high-fiber meals and lots of water—which help clear the GI tract. Second, aerobic exercise such as running or even brisk walking can also help keep you regular. Finally managing portion sizes between big holiday meals can keep your digestion running easily. Opting for high-fiber foods and protein-rich foods such as carrots and hummus can help tide you over without weighing you down. For more digestion-friendly tips, take our quiz of the day.

Can yoga help you beat the holiday bloat?

According to those who practice, yes! Certain yoga poses can put gentle pressure on the digestive system and help move painful flatulence out of the body, leading to you feeling less bloated. Twisting poses are commonly done to help wring out the lower body and move fecal matter and gas along the colon. Backbends such as bow can stretch out the front of the body and create more space through the digestive system. And simple seated poses like hero’s pose—coupled with slow measured breathing—can help calm the nervous system and allow digestion to occur more easily. For more happy belly yoga tips, take our daily quiz.


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