If you want to grab a cup of tea with Angie Foster, you’d best get an appointment on her calendar. The 50-year-old Lexington, Kentucky resident just might be able to squeeze you in between her job as a reading specialist to early elementary school children, getting in her 10,000 steps a day, running 5ks with her sister, and doing 30-60 minute strength training workouts not 3 but 6 times a week! Each and every workout is penciled into her calendar. This isn’t just a formality—it’s the secret to Angie’s success. She knows she won’t have the energy to give to her students if she doesn’t incorporate exercise into her daily routine.

Another area where Angie shows up for her commitment to health conscious living is her diet. Angie has been a devotee to Weight Watchers long before they had a points system. When Angie moved from her small town of Ashland, Kentucky to go to college in Lexington, she met a formidable foe—fast food, specifically Chinese food. In 6 months, Angie gained 50 pounds. She knew if it took her only 6 months to gain that much weight, the rest of her life was going to be pretty rough unless she made a serious change.

That’s when she ordered Weight Watchers At Home, which in the late ‘80s consisted of a series of VHS tapes, a water bottle, and a nutritional guide book. The program retrained her how to eat—making sure meals were balanced and food choices were closest to their original state, i.e. not processed. Angie has continued to implement the Weight Watchers system whenever she starts to notice her weight creeping up. She also loves the social aspect that Weight Watchers provides through their online platform where Angie has found great support and advice from other online community members.

The online social platform is where she picked up the idea of an “Attendance Goal” rather than a “Performance Goal.” It’s a sentiment Angie carries throughout her health conscious lifestyle—you don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to show up. For Angie, showing up has paid off big. She won first place in her age group at a St. Patrick’s Day 5k run in her hometown of Ashland, KY. She also had a recent health assessment through her health insurance carrier’s health incentive program, Humana Vitality. This is the first year that her health assessment indicated that her stats were equivalent to someone below her age.

Now that Angie has reached her cardio goals, she is setting her sights on building lean muscle. She recognizes metabolism can slow down with age, so she is focused on strength training—which she diligently does 6 days a week. Even if she’s not feeling 100% that day, if it’s on her calendar, she shows up. “As far as fitness goes, it’s not about perfection. It’s about showing up. Even if you’re tired and just going through the motions, just do it. Even if I’m not happy while doing it, at the end I know I’m always glad I did it.”

Angie is also a devotee of Health IQ’s daily quizzes, which also provide a social community. When asked what she likes about the quizzes, she says, “What got me started doing the quizzes is that they are worth 2 points a day through Humana Vitality. But I also really like the competition between your friends. It’ll show up if you pass your friends’ scores. That’s kind of neat since I’m a little bit competitive. I’ve learned a lot in areas I didn’t know much about.”

We at Health IQ are glad you penciled us in for an interview, Angie. Your commitment to health conscious living inspires us and we’re sure it also inspires your community, your family, and the students who rely on you.


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