With fall temps descending upon much of the U.S., many people are taking their workouts indoors. While that might conjure images of boring miles logged on a treadmill or endless reps on weight machines, just a few tweaks can help turn indoor workouts into serious plateau busters. This Week’s blog post features a treadmill workout used by NFL pros, fitness routines to help you train like a firefighter, and tips for turning your HIIT workout routine into a fat-burning MetCon training.

How do NFL superstars use the treadmill for an HIIT workout routine?

While many people’s treadmill routines include slogging along while watching daytime TV, the treadmill is actually an incredible tool for building leg strength, increasing speed, and improving stamina. For example, NFL running back Adrian Peterson does a 7-mile interval training routine where he runs the first mile at 6mph, the 2nd at 9mph, then alternates quarter mile runs between 5-6.5 mph and 12 mph. His all-out sprints help recruit more muscle fibers and build leg power. Todd Durkin—who trains NFL players—incorporates uphill inclines into his treadmill sprints, which aids in endurance and explosive power. Take our daily quiz for more treadmill tips from the NFL pros.

What are firefighters’ secrets to fitness success?

It’s no secret firefighters have to be in serious physical and mental shape to perform their jobs well. So what are their tips for building endurance? Running with a 40-60 pound weighted vest simulates the amount of gear firefighters wear and can help improve the lungs’ ability to use oxygen efficiently. Large, compound exercises such as staircase runs and battle ropes are great for improving functional fitness—as firefighters need to carry ladders and drag water hoses. And bear crawls—an HIIT workout routine which train firefighters to stay low to the ground while entering a smoky building—can help improve core and stabilizer strength. Take our daily quiz to learn more about how firefighters stay fit.

Think your HIIT training is tough? You haven’t tried MetCon.

MetCon training—short for metabolic conditioning—is a category of exercise meant to improve metabolic functioning and help burn fat through all-out efforts. While an HIIT workout usually has you train at 80% effort for fixed intervals, i.e. 30 seconds at 80% then 30 seconds at 50%, you can do a MetCon training exercise indefinitely and only rest the amount of time it takes to catch your breath. Easy-to-perform compound bodyweight exercises usually make up the bulk of MetCon training routines—making them great to do if you have limited time or space. While MetCon training provides an intense strength and cardio workout at the same time, it can increase injury risk. Take our daily quiz to learn more about safely incorporating MetCon into your HIIT workout routine.


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