Taking ownership of the daily choices that impact long term health is not easy. Daily awareness about what you eat, who you surround yourself with, how you move through the world requires a sustained and proactive effort. The long term benefits, however, are proving substantial. Taking ownership and raising your awareness about factors that impact your short term and long term health, however, is a cause to be celebrated!

Health IQ is excited to announce October 15 as the first official National Health Literacy Day. Changing the health of the world requires awareness of one person and one decision at a time. We are committed to raising the collective consciousness and dialogue around the factors that impact individual health by promoting all we as individuals can do to prevent negative health outcomes. 

Our health journeys are all unique, but together we can learn and demystify what it means to be healthy. If every type of cookie and dessert can have a national day then a cause like National Health Literacy is certainly deserving to balance our country’s approach and needs. Our most pressing health challenges aren’t going to go away on their own. 

Throughout October’s Health Literacy Month, we’ve been sharing daily quizzes created to challenge your awareness of factors that impact your health. We are also excited to launch the Health Literacy Newsletter, a monthly email roundup of the latest in health news, research and stories to help consumers cut through the noise and maximize their healthy lifestyles. 

We invite you to share the latest health literacy research and stories that catch your attention and ask our experts your questions online with #HealthLiteracy. 

If you’re new to Health IQ’s mission we invite you to try your hand and challenge your health literacy with these fun quizzes that will educate you as well as challenge some of your key knowledge or assumptions about common factors that impact your long term health, featured in partnership with health research and foundation partners.

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