Autumn’s here, and that means it’s time for our health tips for fall! With the cooling temps you might find yourself working out indoors more often and enjoying seasonal fall flavors in your pre or post-workout meals. That’s why This Week’s blog post explores making the most out of exercise equipment and the benefits of autumn superstars, pears and mushrooms. So hop on the elliptical and see what fall has in store for you.

How can you get an effective cardio workout in the gym?

Cardio workouts often evoke images of banging out miles on the bike or by foot across trails and roads. However with a little fine tuning, you can have a hardcore cardio workout in the gym using the elliptical machine. First, many elliptical machines include upper body handles which can help strengthen the back and arm muscles. Plus, it’s easier to rotate the elliptical foot pedals backwards than it is to run backwards—giving you a killer hamstring workout. Finally, many gym machines like ellipticals are low impact, which is safer for those with joint conditions. Take our daily quiz to learn more about how ellipticals and other pieces of gym equipment can help you get fit in the cooler months.

Pick a peck of scrumptious pears.

Autumn ushers in a new season of flavors—and one of the most satisfying experiences is picking a ripe, juicy pear at the farmer’s market. Pears also make great additions to salads (try arugula and walnut!) as well as a base for a healthy dessert or as a simple pre-workout snack. In addition to being a tasty treat, pears pack a fiber-filled punch—22% of the daily allowance for one medium pear. Pears also have phytonutrients in the skin that are linked with reducing cancer risk—especially pears with red skins. Just be sure to check the neck for softness, which indicates that a pear is at its peak of ripeness and nutrition. Take our daily quiz for more on these amazing fall fruits.

This fall, make room for mushrooms.

One of our favorite health tips for fall is a sneaky way to get some Vitamin D in with the shorter daylight hours—mushrooms! While mushrooms can often end up as an afterthought in your dinner, mushrooms are a nutrition-packed superstar that deserves center stage. That’s because mushrooms are one of the only non-fortified sources of vitamin D—a nutrient that often gets depleted in the body during the darker months as exposure to sunshine decreases. Mushrooms also contain beta-glucans, fiber-rich compounds that help control blood sugar. And mushrooms’ choline levels might help your post-workout recovery, given that choline is linked with aiding sleep. Take our daily quiz to learn more about mushrooms and why they should be a staple in your autumn meals.


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